Vital Beat Yoga

Meditation (Midland)
with Sarah N.B

May 23 (Sunday)
at 6:30 pm

Class length
45 minutes

Studio location

Finding physical comfort in meditation is super important and Sarah invites you to try out what works for you. Meditation can be done in a chair or seated with or without props, standing or laying down. It is your practice and you decide how you want to do it!  

Beginners and practicing meditators will benefit from this class, beginning with a grounding exercise and some breath work and then progressing into either some short guided meditations or two longer meditations. There is always time for discussion, reflection and changing postures if needed, between the meditations. 

All the guided meditations come from Sarah’s training in mindfulness meditation, with a focus on loving-kindness and self-compassion. Sarah is a fully qualified person-centred therapist with additional learning in compassion focused therapy and she passionately believes meditation and mindfulness can be one of many tools in helping reduce anxiety and stress, as well as aiding general mental health. Her classes are from purely research-supported techniques and she aims to make her classes accessible to everyone.

This class contains no yoga flow so is great for anyone: 

- Wanting to begin or broaden their meditation practice
- With mobility issues that prevent you from attending our regular classes. 

This space is also LGBTIQ and gender inclusive. 

Booking essential as numbers limited due to covid restrictions. 


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