Vital Beat Yoga

Reformer Basics
with Bridget

May 4 (Tuesday)
at 6:15 am

Class length
50 minutes

Studio location

Reformer BASICS:

Our basics class is perfect for anyone looking to return to mindful movement and exercise after a break, those who feel uncoordinated or uncertain in our regular Reformer offering, or anyone looking to find out how to get the BEST out of their machine. Drop into Reformer Basics when you want to take it easy, when you want to learn tips or tricks, or when you're just finding your feet!

A Reformer looks something like a torture apparatus but we can assure you, it's very fun to use! Reformer machines use cables, pulleys, weights, and resistance to work the body through a large range of motion which is ideal for building and toning muscles as well as increasing stability and mobility through the joints. 

Reformer Pilates can be used as a cross-training tool alongside yoga, or is simply fabulous on its own. Reformer Pilates works on core stabilisation, muscle endurance & strength, peripheral joint stability, balance, and coordination.

We want everyone to get the benefits of pilates, so please ensure you consult your health care professional if you have any concerns with acute or chronic injury, as this is a general fitness class not designed for specific rehabilitation requirements. 

The Vital Beat offering of Reformer Pilates is one of playfulness, safety, inspired & mindful movement, and of course our signature playlists!

When Pilates has a party, you get Vital Beat Reformer Pilates!

- Not recommended for pregnancy, please email [email protected] for more information on pregnancy options. 
** Wearing of Pilates grip socks is encouraged but not essential (socks can be purchased in-studio) **


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