Full Moon Meditation (Edgewater)
February 26 (Friday) at 7:00 pm



Class length
1 hour 15 minutes
Studio location
We gather together on the eve of the full moon to pause and reflect. What do we feel the need to release in order to make way for the new? 

Join us in circle when the moon shines its brightest for the second time this year. Your beautiful host Tara will once again be there to guide you through a soothing meditation and cleansing breath work practice, followed by the option to engage in oracle card readings if you feel called to. Herbal tea and treats allow the sense of calm to continue. 

Please bring anything that might serve you (such as a blanket, or a journal) or anything you'd like to place in the circle, such as favourite crystals or sentimental items.

This is a FREE event however due to covid restrictions bookings are essential 

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